Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022, MN

I went to bed upset last night after realizing that I accidentally threw away the onyx ring that I've worn for years.  I traced my steps during the day and remembered standing at the kitchen sink to clean it, then drying it with a tissue, I got distracted and laid it on counter, and must have thrown the tissue in the trash bag that was ready to be tied up and taken to the trash to bin.  Later on, while Charlotte and I were out shopping, I realized that it wasn't on my finger. I loved that ring and I’m not happy about finding a replacement for it.  I searched through my jewelry and found a ring that was given to me by Rita, so I will wear that one for a while.

The teacher’s strike is still on, so the Granny’s are helping with the kids again this week.  I took them to the Science Museum on Tuesday and they were well behaved, making for an enjoyable afternoon of exploring and learning.  We watched the IMAX movie “Dinosaurs of Antarctica” that was really good and then saw most of the exhibits.  We spent more time at the booth where you can trade items - rocks, shells, fossils, skeletons, etc. than anywhere else and Charlotte said that was her favorite thing about the day.  I kept hearing “is this real” when they saw a preserved two-headed turtle, and a display of blood running through a pipe to demonstrate our bodies blood system, and while looking at the dinosaur bones.  It was a fun afternoon.

We spent a lot of time with these cool mechanical characters, all moving with gears.

Snack Time