Sunday, June 19, 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022, MN

It’s been a busy week - the days fly by so quickly.  I helped out with Food Shelf on Wednesday and sweet corn and beets were available, so when I got back home I roasted the beets and made pickled beets and cooked the corn and cut it off the husk and froze it. Some of the food items we get are close or just past the expiration date, so they have to be used or preserved right away. 

I got a few extra items this week, so when I let Ben know I had some for him, he told me about Norah’s soccer game. I met him and the girls st Pearl Park and her team, Malawi won 7 to 5 against Cameroon.  She has improved a lot and is a real team player. Go Norah!

I got to see Shirley’s new salon on Thursday when I went for a haircut - she has just moved in and isn’t completely settled yet, but it is very nice and the location is good too.  I went to a few garage sales on my way back home.

I walked with Deb on her usual evening route that goes around the Dwan Golf Course - it is a really pretty walk that is about two miles.

Judy called to see if I was interested in going to the farmer’s market yesterday, so we got there about 10:15 and had a sweet treat for breakfast and browsed the flower and produce stands. I got romaine lettuce and asparagus and Judy bought lettuce.  I also got a call Friday night from Nancy who was looking for a ride to the bank on Saturday, so I took her when I got back from the market.  After dropping her off, I got a few groceries at Cub.