Sunday, June 5, 2022

Sunday, June 5, 2022, MN

It’s been over a week since I’ve had anything to write about other than how large and empty my apartment feels these days.  Until Friday, there really wasn’t much to write about as I have been trying to find new routines in my day. I’ve walked, visited with friend and neighbors, had lunch with Mavis and Mary from The Winslow, shopped, cleaned, and done some gardening.

Camille had a sleepover with me on Friday night, so I went to meet them after school and she was anxious to leave, so we quickly packed her bag and headed out.  Her big news tonight was that she made the Novice I Swim Team at the Y and will start practicing for upcoming swim meets this winter. Charlotte has now advanced to Novice II class.  Norah wasn’t interested in trying out for the swim team. Camille’s priority was a stop at Dollar Tree for gum and candy before going to my place.  After dinner, we walked to the Dairy Queen only to find that the lobby was closed and only the Drive Thru was open.  A friendly gal in line offered to get our order at the window and she also refused to take any money for our Dilly Bars.  That was a perfect lesson in paying it forward for Camille. She was quite confused as to why the lady would pay for our ice cream and wouldn’t take any money for it.

Another ‘pay it forward’ kind of thing happened on our walk back home. For some reason that I couldn’t figure out, a neighbor, Johnny, was struggling trying to get two motorized wheelchairs back home from shopping.  He was pushing one for a ways, then coming back and pushing the other, although he has trouble with his legs and was having difficulty walking.  I offered to push one back to our building and he was able to manage the other.  This was another lesson for Camille in how to help a neighbor in distress.

I had a couple of things planned for Saturday morning, so we had to get up by 7:00 am in order to meet My Fruit Truck  that was delivering a truckload of fresh Georgia Peaches and Pecans to our area.  They deliver fresh fruit straight from growers to communities throughout the US and I wanted to check it out and to get some to share with Ben’s family.  From there, we went to Creekside Community Center for a plant exchange and picked up a few Canna Lilies for the gardens here at Penelope and also Camille and I got some succulents for indoors.

We had breakfast and then walked to the playground at Westwood Elementary School where we swung and climbed and Camille cartwheeled for an hour. We met Ben at the gymnastics school and he and I stayed and watched. They have both improved so much during the spring session.