Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday, July 8, 2022, MN

Pat and Roger got here about 1:00 on Wednesday and we sat out on the patio, had a drink and talked - and talked - and talked some more. We took the dogs for a walk and they got along well - ran around and played ball in the yard.  Pat asked if I was interested in going shopping with her to find a dress for her Granddaughter Taylor’s upcoming wedding. We walked to the Nu Look Consignment shop a few blocks away and she found a beautiful dress that was marked down 75% and also found a cute pair of dressy sandals.  A big win and a great deal too!

We had pork chops and roasted veggies for dinner, walked the dogs and watched the “Patsy and Loretta” movie before retiring for the night.  

I took them over to see my apartment and then we did a little bit of shopping yesterday morning.  I had never been and they were interested in going to the Nordic Ware factory store and Roger was in the market for new walking shoes, so a stop at Schuler’s was beneficial for him. He found a great pair of $145 shoes marked down to just $40 - another great find!

They had reached out to an old friend, Sharon, who lives in Coon Rapids to see if she was interested in meeting up.  She was excited to hear from them and came over in the afternoon.  It had been a long time since the last meetup with her and we had a lot of talking to do.  Mike and I met her and her ex-husband while vacationing with Pat and Rog in Las Vegas years ago and we met up there off and on for the next few years, so it was a nice reunion for all of us.  We mostly just hung out and caught up on all of the news - especially Sharon’s recovery from a serious neck injury resulting from a car accident that she had in February.  She has just recently been able to be out of a neck brace. 

Sharon, Pat and I went to the Lake Harriet bandshell and listened to some nice, relaxing folk music for a while.

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