Friday, October 21, 2022

Friday, October 21, 2022, MN

I started the week out with an appointment to get my Flu and Covid Booster vaccines on Monday afternoon.  Since I was going to Chanhassen (they had the earliest appointment for the Pfizer vaccine), I stopped at two of my favorite stores - Turnstyle in Eden Prairie and Tuesday Morning in Chanhassen before getting to the clinic.  The injection stung and my arm hurt for a couple of days but I had no other symptoms. 

I made a pot of Cream of Potato Soup and a batch of biscuits and took them with me for dinner with the family, as I was meeting the girls at the bus stop on Tuesday afternoon.  Norah and Camille taught me a new card game that was kind of fun (they didn’t know what to call it).  We had a nice dinner and I sat in on the homework before heading back home.

I helped out with the Food Truck on Wednesday morning and then Joey and I went for a nice walk before settling in for some reading and a nice cozy nap.  Our weather has been warming each day this week and it got to about 66° today and might get to 75 tomorrow.  It’s going to turn around on Sunday and we won’t see and 60+ degree days again for a while.

Things got even busier on Thursday when I headed to Ben’s about 9:30 and hung out with 
Norah until it was time for she and I to meet Lois, Camille, and Charlotte at Degler’s Farm for some fun fall activities.  We started out with a photo but the twins were leary, aware that there could be wheat in the straw bales.  We learned from the farmer that the bale they sat on was alfalfa which is gluten free. I sure feel bad for them having to deal with Celiac Disease but I’m proud that they are so knowledgeable and aware of their need to avoid contact with wheat in order to stay healthy.

The first thing they wanted to do was play in the corn pit and they had lots of fun rolling around, falling, and tormenting each other for a while.  After that, we headed to the corn maze and since there was a photo map of the maze, it wasn’t long before they had it all figured out.  From there, we grabbed our gunny sacks and headed to the 160’ long giant slide that was made from culvert material.  A wooded path led you to the top of the hill and the slide.  The kids all went down it at least five times and Lois and I both had to try it once. It was lots of fun and we laughed all the way down.  The worst part was trying to get into the sack.

A hayride was last on our list of activities, but Charlotte really didn’t want to go and she was mad at Lois and I for making her do something she didn’t want to do.  The picture tells the story. She was trying really hard to hold her grumpy face but she was almost smiling at this point.  The tractor driver grew up on the farm that has been in the family since 1948 and she gave an interesting narrative of the history of the farm and the changes that have come about over the years.

There were definitely some behavior issues on this outing - not listening, being disrespectful, and  pushing and hitting each other, so Lois and I agreed that we would not be buying pumpkins to take home. We got some resistance but stuck to our guns.  

Norah came home with me for a sleepover and Charlotte and Camille went home with Lois and they all got the lecture on how their behavior was unacceptable. And we both got apologies at bedtime.

This afternoon I took Norah to Lois’ house and then we took them to the Middle School for swim team tryouts.  We were impressed with their skill and we will see what teams they will be on when the coach e-mails Jill.  They were so well behaved today that we stopped at Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars on the way back home.