Thursday, October 13, 2022

Thursday, October 13, 2022, MN

It’s been a busy week again. I met with the Stampin Up group on Monday and everyone brought their paper, stamps, dies, and die cutting machines with them, so we could share and make a bunch of that stuff ahead.  Since the cards that I make are the stitched cards, I haven’t figured out how I want to incorporate the Stampin Up materials but I think that I have ordered all of their products that I might be able to use and they are expensive.

On Tuesday, I had the art class with Genevieve and she walked us through an acrylic painting, a medium that I have never used before.  This is the outcome from that session.

I had to leave early, as I have committed to picking the girls up at school after their Spanish class on Tuesdays.  They went to do homework and play with a neighbor kid and I sat out on the deck and enjoyed our beautiful 82° day and just watched the beautiful trees.  Ben fixed steak and roasted potatoes for dinner and it was yummy! 

Our temps dropped overnight and Wednesday was rainy and in the 50s and it isn’t expected to get much warmer in the latest forecast. I met Mavis and Mary at the Yankee Tavern for lunch and we had some great conversation and a yummy Bloody Mary and burger and fries.  It was nice to see them again and Mavis’ recovery from her hip surgery is going quite well.  She was walking with just a cane.

I got a call from my long-time friend Susan yesterday to give me the news that she has been diagnosed with a serous form of Uterine Cancer and all I could say is “f*#k” - not another one! She has hysterectomy surgery on the 24th and they will know more of the extent. It may have something to do with our age but I just lost two cousins to that crap - JoAnne on August 24 from Leukemia and Wanda on October 7 from a stroke after an Ovarian cancer diagnosis at age 90. 

Susan also told me that our classmate Judy is putting her affairs in order as she is facing dialysis and possibly kidney transplant which she is not sure that she is willing to consider.  I got way too much bad news today.

I had a house cleaning job at Ben & Jill’s today and their big, new house took me a total of 5 hours. Even though their new home has more square footage, I was able to do the job in the same time that I did the old house. My body is exhausted but I feel good that it can still handle it. I also feel good that I can provide a good quality service to them that they would be paying for anyway - I give them the added personal touch.  I will sleep good tonight.