Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sunday, October 16, 2022, MN

I got a good taste of what the next few months will be like when I opened the shades and looked out the window this morning.  It really was pretty and it had the feel f me of those quiet, calm winter days.  It was melted away by 11:00.  

I felt good Friday but took it easy all day, with a long hot soak in the tub that felt soooo good.  I even went to pick up Chinese food at Grand Szechuan and bought way too much food.  It was pretty good with plenty of fresh veggies, although rather bland.  After having it for dinner two nights in a row, I put the remainder in the freezer for a future meal.

Deb and I walked to the church nearby yesterday that was having their annual Harvest Fest. I bought a cute ornament from Judy, only because I wanted to support her craft and her wallet but there wasn’t anything else that I was interested in - not even the baked goods.  There was a long line of folks buying pies.

I also removed most of the plants from the planters in front of our building.  The Geranium is still looking good though and I’ll keep it going as long as I can.

After phone calls to catch up with Patty, Bob, and Patrick this morning, I started a much needed project to treat the leather and wood on my dining chairs and other wood furniture.  I’ve let it go way too long, as it’s been at least over a year.  So my apartment became an area of chaos for a while but I got the job done and I can forget it for the next six months.