Thursday, January 5, 2023

Thursday, January 5, 2023, MN - Up Nort

I’ve had about enough of clearing cars and shoveling pathways to their doors. We ended up with a total of about 15”.  I went out about 1.5 hours ago to clear off my car and got called over to another part of the lot where Irma was clearing her car, she fell, and injured her hip and possibly her arm. Mary stayed with her to wait for EMTs to arrive and I finished clearing her car and got it parked on the street (complete lot cleanup tomorrow). Irma was taken from here on a stretcher in an ambulance.

I finished clearing my car and saw that Fran’s daughter was clearing her car, so I helped her out. I was just heading in the door when Leslie came out to move her car and I helped her clear her car and the area under her tires so she could back out.  I wasn’t alone - I saw Steve, Mary, and Lee, Deb were all out there helping folks.  I’m done. It’s Advil and nap time. 

I sure hope that I have learned an important lesson through this experience and that I am willing to give up my car at the point where I can’t maintain it or take care of it during this part of the winter.  I wonder if some of these people who can hardly walk should even have a car.  I understand the loss of independence but also feel like there are other options that might even be more economical than keeping a car.