Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023, MN

The temps around here have been in the 30s, even up to 37° on Sunday, making for a nice day to go for a walk. Since then, we have had rain and wintry mixes of snow and rain. I am still wearing my Yak Trax when I go out and about, as the snow has not melted from the sidewalks and they are uneven.  At the dog park yesterday, I got off the walking path (also difficult to even see because of white on white) and stepped into the wet, mushy snow almost up to my knees. Yuck! Joey didn’t mind one bit and just trodded through in order to get to the next interesting smell or dog.

I learned early this week that our Assistant Manager is leaving her position for another and there will be a farewell party for her on Friday.  I have heard that she is leaving because of the new Manager’s approach - too bad, she has been here for 10 years and is very well liked.  I wish her well.

Ben had an appointment in Edina on Monday morning, so I met him for coffee at Rustica. It sure was nice to sit and chat uninterrupted for an hour.

I finally found a small, square dining table on Facebook Marketplace yesterday and went to pick it up in Farmington. Deb helped me get it out of my car and into the apartment, then loaded the old one into my car. I have it listed on Marketplace now.  The new table is about the size of a card table and gives me another 10” of floor space. I can now seat 4 people at the table.

We made some cute valentines cards on Monday with the Stampin Up group and had a nice time chatting with the ladies. Pat fell on some black ice as she was approaching the building and they now have crime tape around the area. You just never know where there might be a little patch of ice.