Saturday, May 20, 2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023, WI, MN

We did go to the Long Branch Saloon in Germania for their roasted chicken special and dinner was my treat. I can’t believe we got a round of drinks for $9 and 3 dinner specials for $31.  The locals sure know about the place, as it was quite busy.

I headed back home on Thursday morning and headed north on WI-35 at LaCrosse to take in the sites along the Great River Road. Just getting through Onalaska and Holmen took a while and I crossed over the Mississippi when I got to Winona and took the Minnesota side of the river.  We stopped for a walk along Lake Pepin in Lake City.  Once I got near St Paul, the sky opened up with pretty heavy rain and I drove through a very long stretch of construction just before St Paul.  I was thinking that I hope I remember that I have ‘been there and done that’ and don’t find the need to take the long, scenic route again in the future.  It added a good 45 minutes to my drive back home.

Shortly after our stop in Lake City, I started having stomach cramps and feeling extreme indigestion. That continued into the night with added feelings of fever off and on.  I ended up having to reschedule my cleaning job with Ben and Jill and stayed home to recover on Friday.  I managed to accomplish two things yesterday - a walk around the neighborhood and giving Joey a bath.  I’m feeling better this morning and have been able to have coffee, so I think I’m mostly mended.