Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thursday, May 11, 2023, MN

I picked the girls up after Spanish class on Tuesday afternoon and planned to take Norah straight to her tutor session at a different school but she didn’t have her backpack with her. We had to go to their house, she grabbed her backpack, and we headed to her tutor class. I went back to the house and then Charlotte had to be at the same school at 5:15 for swimming practice and Norah had to be picked up at 5:15 d someone had to go back there at 6:15 to get Charlotte.  Whew! Once a week I can deal with it although I will be road tripping and unable to help out on the next few Tuesdays.   

I dropped my car off at Eric’s Wednesday morning for front brakes, got a loaner car, and went back home to get started on Joey’s grooming. I gave him some Trazodone to calm him down and then gave him a bath.  We went for a walk so he could dry good and then about 45 minutes after taking the pill, we started the haircut process. He was pretty good about it but can only take getting pestered for about an hour.  Then, last night was nail trim clinic and Mary came by and did the trimming on 4 cats and 1 dog, then when it was Joey’s turn, he was having none of it. He fought and gave me a nice scratch on the arm and we gave up on it.  He was due for a rabies vaccine and a renewal of heart worm and flea/tick treatment today, so I had them take care of it at the vet. 

It was an expensive week with the car costing about $500 and Joey’s bill of close to $200. It’s a good think I’ve still got my cleaning job!