Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday, October 13, 2023, WI

I left home Sunday morning and headed to Pat and Roger’s. It was an easy drive with light traffic. I was hoping to see some fall color but there wasn’t a lot, a little bit near the cities and then a bit near Black River Falls.  I got to their house and they were in the process of burning branches that Roger had trimmed from the trees, so I got my gloves out of the car and helped. We were able to get rid of the whole pile and they were happy for the help and wouldn’t have to attack it another day.  We had dinner, some cocktails, and watched football.

Patty worked on Monday (she works at a day care with babies) and then later in the afternoon we met my sister-in-law Sharon at the Hitching Post for senior night dinner. One of their specials was pork roast and sauerkraut and it was delicious.  

We were off to Stoughton on Tuesday, to meet up with classmates at Culver’s. Before that, we stopped in McFarland and had breakfast with Pat’s sister Sandy, her sister-in-law Carol, and her son AJ and it was nice seeing those folks again.  Pat, Joey and I walked along Babcock Park before heading to Stoughton.  I had enough time to get settled in at Dawn’s before the meetup.  It was nice to see classmates Susan, Pat, Linda, Pam, Virginia, and Bonnie again and we found endless topics to talk about.

Dawn and I went to Fahrenheit 365, a local bar, for a drink and salad for dinner. We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding II and cracked up laughing - what a fun movie. 

Wednesday was salsa making day for Dawn, so after a nice walk with Joey, we put on aprons and began chopping the 30# of tomatoes that she had waiting.  I did the chopping while she ran them through the food processor and got them cooking. I wasn’t able to help with cutting the onions and peppers because my eyes have been so sensitive, but there were plenty of other things to do.  She ended up with 24 pints and some tomatoes left over for a smaller and more spicy batch.

I picked up quesadillas at El Rio Grande and spent the evening with Pat and Tracey - always good to see them. Joey was fascinated with the cats (maybe I should say obsessed) and he and Cass had a stare down from across the room. I was back at Dawn’s by 8ish, tired and ready for bed before 10.

Yesterday, I went to Madison and picked up my sister Rita who is here for Denny’s 60th class reunion and we spent the afternoon together. We drove around all of the homes that we lived in in Stoughton, stopped by the cemetery, and then met cousins Jonnie, Mary, Dawn, and Erin for lunch.  We talked and talked and brought back lots of memories from our childhood.  We all decided it was time for another Peckham reunion so set a date for next June and will see if it all comes together. 

Dawn and I went to wine tasting at Cheeser’s and then made chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner to share with her friends Jeff and Pam.  Such a nice evening!  Pam wanted to get a picture of her and I so she could share it with her sister Carol who was a coworker of mine back at Covance.