Saturday, October 28, 2023

Saturday, October 28, 2023, MN

I look out my window this morning and see bare branches on most of the trees.  It is still dark when I have been waking up around 7:00.  My thermometer reads 28° - the coldest it has been since late April - and now we face the winter months.  I guess I will be wearing my winter jacket when I walk later on this morning.  I’ve changed out my closet from summer to winter, leaving a few in between shirts handy.  My snow boots are still packed away, although they say we might wake up to some white on the ground tomorrow morning.  It will be a cold Halloween for the kids.  

A cold Halloween prediction reminds me of 1976 when I was pregnant with Ben - it was so cold when we took Pat out trick or treating that I wore a long mutton fur coat that kept me toasty warm all winter.  

This week was a much more manageable pace, although I had something going on most days, I was able to get afternoon naps in too.  I had my annual mammogram screening and got the negative results back the same day - good news!  I met Mavis for lunch on Tuesday, a cold and rainy day but perfect for a bowl of soup and sandwich while looking out the window at the nasty weather. It was nice to see her again - I think it had been since May.  We bought tickets to see ‘A Honky Tonk Holiday’ show at the Masonic Theater - Randy Sabien is playing in it.  

I made a big pot of Chicken Wild Rice soup for dinner on Wednesday and took some to Ben’s family when I cleaned for them on Thursday.  It was yummy and the feedback that I got from them was good too - especially the fact that they didn’t have to think of something to cook for dinner and didn’t have to prepare something was a treat.  While cleaning, Yoshi started to bark and when I looked out the window, three deer were running along the back fence and escaping to the woods through an opening in the fence. Thanks to Yoshi, I saw some wildlife.  Deb walked Joey so I was able to take a much needed nap when I got back home.

I had good conversations with most of my siblings this week, funny how time goes by and then all of a sudden I’m missing them and need to hear how things are.  Bob started it off when he called me on Tuesday.

Joey’s crooked smile makes me laugh.

Our maintenance man, James, called a meeting yesterday and I was hoping to learn that it was not a retirement announcement.  He called residents together to let us know that he has been recognized by Corporate for his twenty years of service at this building - since shortly after it was built in 2002.  He is not ready to retire but his other news was not so good - he has cancer and is facing a surgery to remove the tumor but  there are lots of questions remaining about his long term options.  He called on residents to pull together during his absence and to help out as much as possible, since we are still way understaffed and way over budget since the lightening strike last May caused so much damage.