Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023, MN

Ben and I said goodbye to Mike’s beautiful Loonworks 88-001 ‘My Pal’ canoe today. We sold it to a local guy who is familiar with Tom’s canoes and will be doing a restoration project on it at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Museum in Spooner, WI where several of Tom’s canoes reside as well as much of his workshop and tools.  I feel that Dave appreciates its beautiful craftsmanship and he says he will keep it until he can no longer paddle and will then donate it to the museum.  I feel pretty good about the deal that I made - was asking $2,000 and he offered me $1,200 which I was seriously considering.  Then, after I got home, I got a call from him with an additional, creative, offer.  His budget to repair it is $1,000 and the guy that will restore it with him gave him a good faith estimate of $200 for parts and since it is a project they will do together will not charge him for labor.  Dave offered to give me the remaining balance of whatever is left over after repairs, so he will have the resources to cover the cost of repairs and I could end up pretty close to my original asking price. Sounds like a win, win for all concerned.

I thought it would be an emotional experience, but I feel happy that it will be with someone who appreciates the beauty and will actually use it.  I’m not feeling any regrets.

Mike designed the logo and it was found on hats, t-shirts and his canoes.