Saturday, January 20, 2024

Saturday, January 20, 2023, MN

 It’s been a cold, cold week (lows between 0 and 10°) with very short walks with Joey.  We’ve attempted to go around my building complex a few times but he ends up with cold feet and I have to carry him back inside.  The forecast for next week is looking much better, heading back to the 30s.  I’ve been sticking close to home with the exception of a haircut on Monday, Charlotte’s 6th Grade Choir concert on Tuesday, and volunteering for food truck on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I had enough of feeling cooped up, so I dropped Joey off at doggy day care and did some shopping and stopped for a taco at Taco John’s.

This ad came up in my Facebook feed this morning and it brought back some memories.  We had one of these back in the early 70s while living at Grandma Bridge’s house on Dayton Street in Madison.  One memory is of a trip to KC and we took my Dad along.  On the way back home, we hauled a heavy wooden antique hide-a-bed that Bob was storing for us, it was opened up in the back of van (where Pat and my Dad rode). The van overheated just past Dodgeville & my Dad plugged the leak in the hose with Pat’s gum and we made it back home safely.  In those days, a trip to KC took us 10 hours to drive as there were no interstate highways yet.

It was a chili kind of day, so after a little nap this afternoon, I made a pot of chili and invited Deb up to join me.  We always have a good time chatting and find plenty of topics to cover.