Thursday, January 11, 2024

Thursday, January 9, 2024, MN

 As I was heading for my walk with Joey this morning, it was about 17° out but the sun was shining and that made a big difference.  I heard some chirping, so glanced up into the crabapple tree next to the sidewalk and it was full of Cedar Waxwings. I was really surprised to see them this late into winter, as they usually pass through in the fall on their migration to warmer areas.  I guess they are confused with the warm fall-like weather we have been having. I hope they make it to somewhere warm before long, as the weather is turning quickly.

I started my new cleaning job for Ramona (the first Ramona I have ever met) and all went well. She is a sweet 93-year-old who is sharp mentally but has some physical challenges.  A daughter lives with her but works full-time, so doesn’t keep up with the housework. Ramona also has personal care, nursing care, and another gal who does errands and other jobs around her house, so she is well cared for.

I noticed this great carving on a tree stump on my way to Ramona’s house, so when I headed back home I had to stop and take a photo.  I also spotted these two deer peeking through the trees at me - so nice to see this right here in the city of Bloomington.