Thursday, January 4, 2024

Thursday, January 4, 2024, MN

This year started out slow and lazy and then I had a nice long walk with Joey in the morning.  I took a one-hour nap in the afternoon and then stayed on the bed for another hour, reading and browsing the internet.  Dinner was even lazy - leftovers from the night before.

I got my new crown on Tuesday and it is feeling very good and comfortable.  I’m really happy with Dr. Brar and hope that my new insurance enables me to keep going there for my hygiene appointments.

The food truck came yesterday and I helped out with that.  When I got back home, the new coat that I ordered from Land’s End arrived (I used the gift card that I got from Pat for Christmas) but it wasn’t the same as the one that I tried on at the store - it was  below the knee and I didn’t need it to be that long). So I took it back to the store and got a different one.  Good thing, as I apparently didn’t use the sale code and paid more for it than they were selling them for at the store,   I think this is the nicest an warmest winter coat that I’ve ever had ad the price was right - marked down from $239 to $84. Amazing!  And thanks to my dear son, Pat!

The last time the food truck was here, we got a large bag of frozen apples.  I didn’t know what to do with them, but last night I cooked them down into applesauce. Boy, did that turn out nice and yummy.