Monday, September 2, 2013

September 1 - 8, 2013

Sunday, September 1.  Jill was feeling a little better today and had an acupuncture treatment this morning, which seemed to help.  Ben and I headed to another playground with Charlotte and the dogs.  We took turns walking the dogs and playing.  The playground is a huge sandbox and C loves the sand.

Jill is really feeling pretty good today and has been able to be up and moving around a bit.  Ben made a pot of Potato Leek soup for dinner that was delicious.  After dinner, Jill settled in to do her kick counts on the twins and to monitor for contractions.  She became a little concerned that Baby A didn't appear to be moving around much, so after nearly an hour and half of monitoring, they decided to go to the hospital to be checked out.  All is good, both babies have strong heartbeats and the reason she couldn't feel the kicking is because of the position (back up against mom's tummy and the protective layer of placenta between her and mom's tummy).  They were back home in less than 2 hours.

Monday, September 2.  Happy 2nd Birthday to Charlotte!

We did some marathon cooking this morning.  After oatmeal for breakfast, I got busy putting beef stew in the crock pot while Ben made a batch of muffins (a headache recipe that Lois sent - we're hoping they help Jill who is not having a good day today).  When that recipe was done, the birthday cake was made.  And while that was done, I ran to the store for party hats and balloons.  When that was done, we were off to the playground and to walk the dogs.  Then came lunch and nap time - yay!

Our days are very full, but I'm so glad that I am able to be here to help - they really need it right now. I only wish that Jill could be feeling better so she could enjoy her days at least a little bit.

The birthday party (with Granny and Papa on Skype) was a big hit, her little eyes just glowed when she saw the decorations, hats, and balloons.  My gift, a diaper bag, changing pad, diapers and wipes for her baby doll seemed to be a big hit, but she liked all of her other gifts too; puzzles, bug bowling, clothing, and books.

Tuesday, September 3.  I read that the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park was having Butterflies and Blooms, and I thought Charlotte would enjoy that, so we headed there this morning and we just happened to get in on a free day.  She was very interested and I was able to see a local landmark that I've never seen before.  After going through the conservatory, we headed outside to the Dahlia exhibit - San Francisco is the Dahlia capital if the US.  The grounds outside the building are also gorgeous, so we enjoyed a little snack there before heading back home.  That girl has some of her Grandma's blood because she loves poking around the flowers and never tires of playing in the dirt.

Wednesday, September 4.  It's my day off and I managed to get my bedding and laundry done before heading out to do some shopping.  Last night, I finished the second sleeve of the sweater that I am knitting for Charlotte.  I had to get some buttons for it, so I went to a yarn shop to pick them up.  Sadly, I forgot my pattern there and will have to go back and get it on Friday.  Darn - I hate it when I do stupid things that that - I was hoping to work on it this afternoon.

It was another beautiful day and Frisco got a nice walk when we got back home.

Saturday, September 7.  On Thursday morning, I took Charlotte to the Cabrillo playground and there weren't a lot of kids there, so she was real adventurous with climbing.  Until now, she mostly takes the stairs to get to the slides, but she climbed up a ladder to get to the 2nd floor and also came down a different ladder.  She was also interested in going around on the merry-go-round.  She's getting braver all of the time.

Ben and Jill went to Jill's appointment for an ultrasound and all is good there.  They are estimating them to be 5.2 and 4.7 pounds now.

Friday morning was Jill's regular doctor appointment, so I dropped her off and then went to pick up my pattern that I left at the knitting store.  In the afternoon, I took Frisco for a long walk while the cleaning ladies were at the apartment.  We're having a warm streak and the weather is beautiful.

Today was a joint birthday party for Charlotte and Leo in San Rafael.  Although Jill is feeling better the last 2 days (she decided to try the prednisone that she really didn't feel comfortable with), she did not come along but stayed home and got a massage (Ben's birthday gift to her).  The party was a lot of fun and all of the kids that we met last year are really growing up.  Leo is a fearless little guy who ran around with watermelon in his hands most of the time.  When it came time to sing happy birthday and have cupcakes, he smashed his and then traded Charlotte's for a teeny one.  She didn't seem to mind a bit.  She slept all of the way home but woke up when we got back home and wouldn't go back to sleep.

Sunday, September 8.  We all slept in for a while this morning and did that feel good. Then I had a nice conversation with Pat, I didn't talk with him much last weekend.  I was glad to hear that all is well with him, Tracey and  Sawvana.  

I'm off to get a massage this morning, a much appreciated gift from Ben and Jill, and it just happened to come on Grandparents Day.  My therapist did an excellent job of breaking up the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders and lower back.  I left there feeling all rubber legged and totally relaxed.

The remainder of our day was spent hanging out at home, doing some prep to get ready for the twins, and a great steak and baked potato dinner.