Friday, August 30, 2013

August 26 - 31, 2013 - SF

Friday, August 30.  Not much has gone on this week other than keeping up with Charlotte, a couple of walks to the playground, and story time at the library. I've learned that it is not good to go to the playground before 10 am as it is still pretty foggy and everything is wet.  Jill's headaches are back with a vengeance and she is confined to the sofa most of the day.  Charlotte had a bad cold and cough and hasn't felt too good for a couple of days, although her temperament has been good and she has been even more interested in reading stories.

I did some shopping on Wednesday when Charlotte was in day care.  I finally decided on a birthday gift for her and had to go to Corte Madera to pick it up.  It is a diaper bag for her baby doll, complete with a changing mat, diapers, blanket, and bottle.  She plays with her doll every day and lately has been wrapping her up in dish towels.  She takes good care of her and I think she will be helpful with the twins.

Since Jill is feeling so awful, I offered to take her to her doctor appointments today.  It's a good thing I did because while she was having her non-stress test, they thought they detected a slight decrease in heart rate for Baby A and we were off to the hospital.  Her headache is so bad that I got a wheelchair to get her into the hospital, then met her up in Labor and Delivery.  After close monitoring for about 2 hours, all is well, both babies have strong heartbeats and it may have been the equipment at the other place.  She was also offered a medication that might help the headaches and she plans to try it in the morning.  What a day!  The good part - I got to see the twins on the ultrasound.  One is head down and the other is head up, although they move around a lot.  One rather identifiable feature they both have is chubby cheeks like Charlotte.

Saturday, August 31.  Yesterday morning, we decided to try to get a plan together for meals over the weekend and started with the grocery list during and right after breakfast.  Then, it was off to the playground so the dogs could get a walk and Charlotte could get some exercise and be around kids.  The time got away from us and befor we knew, it was lunchtime.  We scurried back home and got C fed and ready for her nap.  Although she was resting when I walked out of her room, it wasn't long and she was jumping around in her crib like a little wild child.  Needless to say, she got no nap and we got her up after this went on for a little more than an hour.

Ben got the groceries and while he was gone, I made a batch of granola.  Then when he got home it was time to make dinner, pork tenderloin.  

Another full day.