Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12 - 18, 2014 - CA

Wednesday, May 14.  It's a good day, finally!  I didn't feel dizzy at all this morning and when I was walking Frisco, I bent over to clean up his mess and didn't even feel like I might fall in it.  

The week has been a bustle of activity.  On Monday, Jill and I got lots of stuff packed. And last night, Ben sold his car so my car now gets the parking spot right in front of the house and Ben will be driving it to work.  I don't feel real comfortable leaving it parked on the street several blocks away.

The construction project on the street in front of the house has come to an end.  Yay!  It has been so noisy and dusty and smelly.   The days have been in the upper 70s and we haven't been able to keep the windows open because of the dust and the smell of the asphalt.  The construction guys hosed everything down, swept, and moved out all of their equipment, so things will get back to normal around here.

She looks so cute with her hair in a bun.

Camille and Norah after their bath.

Thursday, May 15.  Charlotte and I headed for the zoo this morning.  She promised me that she would stay near me and cooperate, so we took the stroller but she didn't need to be in it except for coming and going.  I was a little uncomfortable when I saw 3 school buses unload, but they were broken into small groups and the place is huge.  We had lots of fun and stopped for a hot dog for lunch and shared our table with a mom and her daughter who was about Charlotte's age.  CC was good and cooperative the whole time, even when it was time to leave the playground.  


Big news! Norah cut her first tooth today.  We were wondering why she was so fussy this afternoon.  And Camille has one that is real close to breaking through.

Friday, May 16.  If I were back in Stoughton this weekend, I would be taking part in the annual Syttende Mai celebrations, meeting up with friends, drinking beer, passing out water to the runners and walkers, and just having a good time.  For many years, this was an event that I looked forward to and I have lots of memories of those good (and a few bad) times.

I was able to say goodbye to Betty, the cleaning lady today.  She is sad to be losing Ben and Jill as clients, after being with them for 8 years.  She said it's not that she doesn't have enough work, it's that it's hard to find nice clients to work for.  Now that is sad.  I got in a nice, long walk with the twins and a stop in the park for a sandwich while she was here.  And the house was clean when I got home, not like last week.

Sunday, May 18.  Wow! Another week has passed - it is flying right by and we have less than 3 weeks left here.  A lot of packing progress was made today and Ben got rid of a lot of plants and planters to his former gardening boss, Vernon.  It was nice to see him again - it has been a few years since Mike and I went to his house to buy some of his shovelface pieces from him.  He's an interesting guy.