Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26 - 31, 2014 - SF

Monday, May 26.  Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all those who have served our country.

My morning started with a beautiful walk (except for the golf ball that clobbered me on the back of the knee) to the Legion of Honor and then along El Camino del Mar with its beautiful views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I know you have all seen this photo before, but here it is again.  

It is kind of sad thinking that I may never see it again.  What would bring me to this part of the country in the future?  Who knows.

Ben and family had things going on with friends today, so I had the afternoon to myself.  I spent it washing the car, doing laundry, reading, and a little nap.  Nice!  Comparing the 2 lifestyles, theirs is filled with endless activities and there is barely time to take a break.  With mine, every opportunity I get to sit down and relax, I take.  I do remember how it was, though.  In fact, I was one of those non-stop kind of people, stopping for a break only when everything on the list was taken care of.  Things sure do change as the years go by.  One of my retirement goals was to allow myself to sit back and relax, especially in the mornings.  I've accomplished that one.  Mike was a great help with that one - there was a man who knew how to relax.

So today I hear that another RVing friend is dying.  We met Don in Pacifica when we all worked at the 
SF RVResort, he was another workcamper that we became friends with.  Heck of a nice guy and we have stayed in touch with him through the years. I hope he doesn't suffer too much - damn cancer is going to take another good one.

Thursday, May 29.  Yesterday, Marta came to hang out and we had a great time just chatting and having some lunch and playing with the twins.  I was glad that it worked out for her to come over as who knows when our paths will cross again.  I have a feeling that they will.

Plans are getting made for a memorial family gathering for Mom this summer, as we didn't have one (other than a graveside service) when she died in December.  Right now, it looks like July 12 or 13th will be the day.

Friday, May 30.  We have had a couple of days of cool and cloudy weather, in fact, it was cold this morning and I was glad that I had 2 layers plus my fleece hoodie on when I walked the dogs.  I am ready to change back into my warm weather clothes.

The day went smooth, the twins are so easy to care for, and I was able to get little nap in this afternoon.

Saturday May 31.  The month ended on a good note.  A babysitter was hired for tonight and we all went to Joan and Kerry's apartment for a farewell party for Ben and Jill with about 40 of their friends, many whom I have gotten to know through the years.  It was a good time, although bittersweet for them.  It was the latest I have been out for a long time and the most that I have had to drink in a long time too.