Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5 - 11, 2014 - CA

Monday, May 5.  Congratulations to Ben and Jill!  They are homeowners!  Jill's parents are already there and beginning with the kitchen remodel project, floors in family room and entry will be replaced to match the rest of the downstairs, and garage and roof will be replaced before they move in.  For Mike and I, it took years to come up with the money for remodel projects but then these two have been saving for years to get what they want in a home. I am so happy for them.

My day didn't start out so well.  At 5:15, I woke up and headed to the bathroom but when I got back to my bed, the room was spinning and I felt like I was melting into the bed.  I laid there for a half hour, trying to sit up but each time I felt all dizzy and nauseous.  After a half hour, I went to Ben for help and we called 911 - since my cardiologist told me not to mess around if I had any symptom like shortness of breath, light headedness, or pain.  Unsure of what this was, we decided this was the best approach, especially since their day was full of activities, starting with their closing at 7am.  After several hours of tests, nothing showed up as abnormal - it's not my heart and blood tests showed no infection.  Well, then - what on earth is going on? I felt better as the day went on but not very stable.

Tuesday, May 6.  Today started out almost as bad, although I didn't have the dizziness, only today I feel a bit feverish off and on and the symptoms are more flu like.  Jill's work day started late, so I was able to rest most of the morning and was feeling better by the time she had to leave and I had gotten some food in me.  What a drag this is - I'm supposed be helping them but instead I'm causing more work for them.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  It's a good thing these babies are so easy.

Thursday, May 8.  I can't believe this drama continues, although this evening I'm feeling the best I have all week.  I saw a doctor yesterday and she thought this could be several things:  a virus, vertigo (gave Meclazine to see if it helps), a urinary tract infection (testing my urine) or high blood pressure (I will monitor for a week to see if it stays high).  Grrrrr.

I have gotten Frisco out for a few walks the last 2 days but Jill has helped with that too - not that she has lots of time to be doing it, but it sure has helped me out.  I also felt good enough this afternoon to put an Enchilada casserole together for dinner - that is, at least 2 dinners - kind of the way we roll around here these days.  It sure makes it a lot easier to not have to cook a meal every day.

Saturday, May 10.  My days are still starting out feeling yucky and improving as the days to on.  An infection was confirmed, so I am now taking Antibiotics too.  Still monitoring the BP which seems to be inconsistent but consistently high - waiting to hear in that.  I have begun to take farther walks and that is feeling pretty good - I know that Frisco appreciates it. 

Yesterday was a strange.  I invited my friend Marta to come and hang out with me and help me out with the twins when the cleaning ladies came.  I got everything ready for an outing and we headed out for a walk, stopping at a nearby cafe for a sandwich and then headed to the park to eat.  On our way, Marta stopped at her truck to get her dog, Spirit to come along with us, and there was a $65 parking sticker on her windshield for parking during street cleaning hours, although she said the street had already been swept because it was wet.  I thought that I might be finding one on my car when I get to it too.  We ate our lunch and before long it was time to head back home again and I barely got the girls fed their bottles.

When I got back home, the cleaning ladies had not even been here and I learned later from Jill that it was because I locked the deadbolt when I left and she doesn't have a key to it.  I knew that!  What was I thinking or should I say not thinking?  She will come next week instead.  The good news was that when I went by my car on my evening walk, there was no ticket because I am parked in a 
Wednesday street cleaning zone.  Let's hope that I remember to move it then.

Today was a good but busy day.  I tried a recipe for Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole tonight that was deeeelicious.  It had cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning and was topped with buttery breadcrumbs.  Charlotte liked it so much that she had 2 large helpings.  

Sunday, May 11.  Mother's Day.  I think of her so often.  Especially these days when I am with these babies and I think of how much she would have adored all of her grandkids.  She was a hard working woman who died way before she should have - imagine being 42 years old and having 10 children.  I just can't.  I also can't forget my in-law Mom, Jane.  She was there for me in every way - a dedicated and wonderful woman.  Rest in peace, both of you.  I will love you always.

It was a busy but enjoyable day.  I was able to be with one son and have a great phone conversation with the other.  I felt the best that I have all week, although the mornings are still a bit shaky.   All 3 of us got naps while the kids were napping this afternoon - that was the best treat of all!  I went on 2 nice walks with the dogs.  Charlotte went potty all by herself twice today.  All in all - a very nice day.