Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24 - 30, 2014 - AZ

Tuesday, November 25.  Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law Tracey!  

The last 2 days have been work days so there is not a lot of exciting stuff going on.  I did get a surprise FaceTime call from Charlotte on Sunday but, wouldn't you know there was a customer at the counter and I couldn't hear what she was saying - I did catch something about snow monsters.  So cute!

My internal clock has got me waking up in the 4:30 range and I'm not really fond of that.  I've always loved the morning, but that is way too early.

Last night, when I took Frisco out for his last potty break, I looked up at the sky and the first thing that I saw was a shooting star.  I immediately thought of Mike, somehow little things like that are reminders that his spirit is still out there and a part of my universe.

Thursday, November 27.  Thanksgiving Day.  So this is my first Thanksgiving with no family around and it has been a bit emotional.  I am not alone, though and I'm thankful for that.  It was my choice to live away from family, and it is so expensive to travel around the holidays, so I'm dealing with it - also, it was a lot different when it was Mike and I because we had each other.  I did have Facetime conversations with Pat, Ben, and Bob and Penny this morning and later in the afternoon I got to see the grandkids.  Charlotte told me a story about the camping trip that she and I had and the twins were running around looking cute as could be.  

Connie and I went to spend the afternoon with Chuck and Kathy at Usery Park campground.  What a beautiful setting - many of the campers there had visitors.  Frisco and Bear got along well and we had a wonderful dinner together, a few walks, and a beautiful 80 degree day for it.  I'm really looking forward to camping out there next weekend.

Kathy, Connie, and Chuck
Thanksgiving Sunset

Friday, November 29.  I actually slept in this morning and was having my coffee when Patty texted to see if we were going for a hike.  So I got ready, picked them up and we headed to San Tan Mountain Regional Park.  If you head straight south from my house, you go about 17 miles until you come to the mountain.  We decided to take the San Loop trail that was about 4.5 miles but ended up missing a turn and going out and back, doing about 5.2 miles.  The dogs did well, although Louie was panting pretty hard and both were exhausted when we got to the car.  

We stopped for lunch at Uncle Bear's (a nice dog-friendly spot in Queen Creek) for lunch and had a beer and a burger.

Saturday, Movember 29.  What started out to be a day at home, decorating for the holidays, turned out to be an afternoon of shopping and I came back home empty handed.  A waste of time.  I did get a pot of turkey soup base made, some crocheting done, and I organized my filing system so the day wasn't a complete bust.

I got a video of Ben and his family sledding back in Minnesota.  They sure were bundled up, but I heard lots of laughter and saw Charlotte rolling down the hill while Mom, Dad, and Twins rode the sled.  That made me chuckle.