Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3 - 9, 2014, AZ

TWednesday, November 5.  I only had 2 days scheduled to work this week, because some of the newer people need time to get trained, so I agreed to work this Sunday for a few hours.  Today, I actually did training with one of the work campers - and I thought I still needed training.

I picked my bike up this afternoon, after taking in on Tuesday to have the shifter fixed.  I'm sure that I had it repaired last spring because it locked up.  Today, they told me it was the cable and some gears brackets needed adjusting and lubricating.  After dinner, I took it out for a couple of laps around the park and it seems to be working just fine.

I'm not much for TV, but I have been watching a BBC series that I found on Netflix called "The Land Girls".  It takes place in England during World War II and is about the women that go to work on farms because the men are fighting the war.  It keeps my attention and I'm enjoying the story - a bit of drama,  tragedy and romance too.

Friday, November 7.  I got my house cleaned up and worked on and finished the first of the hats that I'm making for the grandkids for Christmas.  The second time around was much better, as I tore out the first one and started over again.  I was ready to get going on the first pair of mittens but found that I don't have the right size needles and that means another trip to the store, which I really didn't feel like doing at the time.

Pat and Roger and I tried a new place for fish fry tonight - the Sunland Village Golf Course and it was very good.  The pieces of cod were huge, the 2-piece dinner filled the plate and was way too much to eat.  If I go back there again, it will be the 1-piece dinner.  We had s nice table on the deck overlooking the golf course, so it was a nice evening.

I just couldn't go to sleep last night, the last time I heard the clock chime, it was midnight.  What's up with that?

Yesterday, Connie and I went for a drive to check out the Fort McDowell Mountain Regional Park campground because I'm getting the itch to go camping and am planning an outing with Chris and Norm the first weekend in December.  The GPS led us astray and we were up in Scottsdale before idealized that just couldn't be right, so we turned around and followed it again and we ended up at a dead end street in Fountain Hills - closer this time, but not quite close enough.  We finally got there and the park is beautiful and the campsites are very nice, well kept and the facilities are clean too.  The views are beautiful with Red Mountain to the south and Four Peaks to the north.

Today, I drove to Usery Mountain Regional Park to check out their campground and it too has beautiful sites, similar amenities and great views.  I think we are going there for the first time out, it is a lot closer.

Saturday, November 8.  I stayed home today and got a lot done around the house, including washing the front windows and screens - they needed it, especially since a bird somehow managed to deposit some droppings that were running down the screen - yuck!  

I also talked to several family members today, as it is my brother-in-law, Dan's birthday and I knew everyone would be thinking of him.  So Sharon and Tom were at the top of my list. I also talked to my sister, Rita, and sister-in-law, Penny.

I went to an 80th birthday party at the clubhouse for Dan this afternoon and there were so many people there, that all couldn't sit at one time.  He and Marion ar pretty active, so they have a lot of friends and many of their own family including 3 baby boys that were all born this last August.  They were so cute!

Before I remembered about the birthday party, I had invited Pat and Rog for dinner - so I grilled up some sausage and peppers and made an apple crumble for dessert.  It was a nice time, always good to hang out with them.