Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 - 22, 2015, AZ

Monday, November 16.  For the first time in a week, I had a perfect night of sleep, 8 uninterrupted hours and I felt so good when I woke up.  It's going to be a good day.

Wednesday, November 18.  The last 2 nights have also been good for sleep.  Amazing how good your feel during the day.

Yesterday was full and of good news.  First was that the spot they have been watching on Rita's lung turns out to be a Minimal Non-invasive Carcinoma, slow to change, and too small to be removed.  They will continue to monitor it.  It was such a relief that I burst into tears.

I also learned that I have a new great nephew.  Little Jax Randall was born to my niece, Ali and her husband James and my brother Randy became a Grandpa.  He was 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 19.5" long.  Welcome to the world, you beautiful little boy.


I had dinner with Bruce and Carmen last night, a great evening of conversation, some drinks, and good food.  Bruce and I discussed the role of Secretary for the Highlands Community Club that I have agreed to take on.  I finished the minutes this morning and got them sent out to the board.

I spent the day making a felt Christmas tree for my Granddaughters, something that I spotted on Pinterest.  When I saw it, I remembered using felt boards in elementary school and thought it might be fun for them.  The tree is about 3 feet tall and I made  a bunch of felt ornaments that they can decorate as they choose.  It was a fun project.

Thursday, November 19.  I worked on the felt tree again this morning, adding some star ornaments and an angel, then made a trip to Home Depot and the post office to get things for hanging it and mailing it - want it to arrive by December 1.  Now I'm thinking that it should be stiffened a bit - will have to ponder that one.

Jan, Connie, and I took Vicki to lunch at Sassy's this morning.  She and her husband, Bill, of 40 some years have decided to divorce and she will be moving away.  The news was a shock but is a change that they both agree on and are settling things up and starting fresh.  Sassy's is a nice, cute, girly kind of place, I only saw a few men in there. They moved this summer to a new location closer to me and the place is so cute and the menu is full of healthy and yummy items.  

I worked on pruning Arlene's Texas Ebony trees again this afternoon and got the branches that hang over Kirk's carport.  Apparently, he had asked her to trim them because Al's bedroom is next to the carport and the branches scrape in the metal roof and keep him awake at night.  It was on my list of things to do, so I filled 2 trash cans full of trimmings and now have only a few branches hanging over Arlene's roof that need trimming.

Tonight, Arlene had tickets to see Mary Poppins at the Hale theater in Gilbert (Sharla is still not feeling well and couldn't go), so I accepted her invitation.  We had some dinner at Joe's BBQ, then window shopped, had a drink at a little bar, then headed to the theater.  The production was excellent with some wonderful talent, great costumes, music and dancing.  I kept thinking how Charlotte would like something like that - I will have to find an event for her and I to see this summer.  She might not have the patience quite yet for a show that long, but I know she would like the dancing.

Sunday, November 22.  I don't remember exactly where I was back on this day in 1963, when I learned that President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  I know that I was in school and I do remember my Mom's sadness and crying and being glued to the TV.  What a tragedy for his family and for our country.

I went to the Homecoming party and dance on Saturday night and what a wonderful time.  We had pizza and Jeff Stevens provided music and jokes and I spent most of the night on the dance floor. What a great time it was!

Today, I invited some friends over for BBQ ribs slow cooked on the Holland Grill - they turned out to be great and as usual we had lots of good laughs and lively conversation.  Good times!