Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23 - 29, AZ

Monday, May 23.  The priority today was to get those tires checked, so after my walk and a bike ride, I headed to Costco.  They were quite nice about it, although the 2 guys that I talked to shook their heads in wonder, but they suggested that they balance them first to see how it goes.  They said I bought good tires and that shouldn't be the case.  So they rebalanced the tires and that did the trick.  I drove the freeway, a known rough section near my house, back to the freeway and back home and they are fine. Lesson learned, make sure your tires are balanced properly.

I tucked away a few more things from the yard and got the swing all cleaned up and moved to the patio.  The birds sure love to drop stuff from the sky.  They will miss me, as I give them fresh water in the birdbath every day and they way they all sing and chatter, I swear they are telling me how happy they are - and I love to have them around.

As of today, I am no longer the owner of this house, as I received the signed agreement from the buyers and I signed and had the titles notarized and put them in the mail.  Now, to start to come up with a plan for moving to Minneapolis.

I just had to take this photo from Tom's bush.

Desert Bird of Paradise.

Tuesday, May 24.  I had an appointment for a blood test to check my thyroid levels, only to learn once I was sitting in the doctor's office, that it wasn't necessary.  What a waste of my time and the copay that I had to give them.

From there, I went on a 4-hour shopping spree and came home with nothing once again.  Another waste of my time.

Connie invited me and Loretta for dinner tonight and we had a really nice time together - not a waste of my time.

Saturday, May 28.  After my haircut appointment on Thursday, I hooked up the trailer and got the exterior cleaned, the water heater drained, and the fresh water tank sanitized.  The next morning, I drained it and filled it up to rinse it out.  I forgot to add some fresh water, so had to get the hoses out again this morning and do that.  Little by little I'm getting things loaded up and as I empty cabinets, I'm getting them cleaned too.  So far, everything is fitting that needs to go in there.

I stopped to say goodby to a few friends today; Kathy, Gwenn, and Connie (no answer at her house) and I had lunch with Nan and Dale.  When I got back home, I learned that I missed Connie's hug - she is off to the rim with her niece who is visiting.