Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29 - 31, 2016, AZ, NM

Sunday, May 29.  Summer Roadtrip, Day 1, Mesa to Albuquerque, NM.  An easy drive but a little longer than what I usually do in a day, this was exactly 8 hours.  Traffic wasn't bad, considering it is Memorial Day weekend and there were no glitches until I got 2 exits before where I was to get off and they had all lanes of the freeway closed and I had to find an alternate route.  I guess I made good judgement because the route I took got me to the road I was to exit, only a little farther to the north.

Shirley and Clayton, friends who moved here from Brentwood a couple of years ago, can be by for a chat, then took me to the Owl Cafe for dinner, a historic diner on old Route 66.  I had a great burger and some of the best fries I've had in ages - a cool little place.  We had a great visit, then sat at my site and chatted for a while longer.

It's 8:45 and I'm going to turn in - hoping for an early start in the morning.

Tuesday, May 31.  The last 2 days were spent on the road and last night at the KOA in Foss, Oklahoma, about 80 miles west of Oklahoma City.  I had a feeling of DejaVu when I arrived - although I'm not sure when it was - I'll have to go through my journal to spark my memory (it was on my return trip in 2014).  Travels are going well, although long days if 8 hours on the road.  

I arrived at Randy's house about 3:30 after another uneventful day.  I was a little worried about weather today as the news said some activity might be severe but the apps that I use only showed possible rain activity.  It all tracked to the north of me and I didn't get any of it.  It wasn't long after I got here that I decided to kennel Frisco for the next 2 nights.  Randy and Julie have a dog that doesn't tolerate outsiders and they have have 2 cats that Frisco likes to chase and bark at, and there are several frail cats that live nearby.  I would have to keep him in the trailer or tied outside all of the time, and listen to his barking at critters, so he is settled in at the nearby PetSmart Hotel.

I got to meet my niece, Ali's little guy, Jax, who is 7 months old - what a good natured little cutie he is.  He will be spending the day with us again tomorrow.