Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4 - 10, 2016, WI

Tuesday, July 5.  I'm back-tracking to catch up on the days that I haven't written.  I had no cell or data connection after leaving Ben's house on Sunday morning. Between LaCrosse and Black Earth (probably a 100 mile stretch), including the land in Richland Center, was a huge dead zone. 

On Saturday morning, Ben, Pat, and I took the dogs, walked to Brueggar's for bagels for breakfast and when we got back home, everyone was up and ready for them.  Today's activity with the little ones was a drive to Minnehaha Park, along the Mississippi River, that had a nice playground and splash pool.  Pat and Ben walked a path that led to the river and watched a boat coming through the locks, something Ben had never seen before.

We had shish kebabs on the grill for dinner, a few beers, playing with little ones, movie night for the kids, so the adults could have a bit of a break and then talking and enjoying the night on the patio.

Sunday morning, we had eggs for breakfast and then Pat and Tracey and I took off. I managed to get a few family photos before pulling out.

Once again, the drive through the driftless area of southeast Minnesota and southwest Wiscomsin meant for gorgeous landscapes and a very scenic drive.  With all of the stops that I made for groceries, gas, potty breaks, and last of all, Spotted Cow beer, it took me 5 hours.  The land looks great, as usual, Peter and his friends do a wonderful job of grooming the grounds and cutting out campsites.  The group consisted of Peter, Leslie, Nancy, Steve, and Mariah, Chris and Jane this year, just enough to have one on one conversations and nice and low key. Pat and Roger, who were camping nearby in Spring Green stopped by to say hello and hung out for a while.

Unfortunately, I helped keep the fire burning with Steve and Pete until 1:30 and felt the effects the next morning.  The day dragged on and on, a short nap helped a bit.  Dang!  I'm too old for that.  It was a cool and cloudy day and I had to dig out a long sleeved shirt and wore jeans all day.  Peter, Steve and Nancy left and it was a quiet afternoon.  I didn't stay up too late and took it easy on the drinks and got a great night's sleep.

I felt so much better this morning, enjoying my coffee and walk and chatting with the girls.  We had the excitement of seeing some songbirds, bluebirds, hummers and even an oriole went flitting by.  Jane fixed breakfast this morning and then I packed up and headed out.  She and Leslie were going to spend one more night before heading back to Milwaukee.

I got to Pat's house about 3:00 and got setup in the front yard and will use the trailer for my bedroom during my stay. I feel right at home here, we had a great pork chop dinner, talked a lot, and hit the sack early.

Sunday, July 10. I have really taken it easy this week, taking life at a slow pace, visiting with Pat and Tracey, and walking through the beautiful, historic streets of Stoughton with Dawn in the morning.  I got up to Monona to see Tom and Karen for a while yesterday and took a walk down memory lane when I drove past Mom and Dad Bridge's home on Roigan Terrace.  On my drive back to Stoughton, I stopped for a chat with Ken and Gerda - we sat on their beautiful patio overlooking Lake Waubesa and watched as several species of birds coming to eat at their feeders.

I did get my hair cut on Friday and decided to go short again - so tired of having to blow dry and style it.  Here's the new do

Today, I did my grocery shopping to prepare for my trip around Lake Superior that starts on Tuesday.  I also stopped by and had a nice visit with Fran.