Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1 - 4, 2016, MN

Thursday, September 1.  It is the first day of school for Norah and Camille and they were excited and up by 6:30 this morning.  We all knew that they had to get up earlier today, but that was pushing it a bit.  Ben and Jill took them to school and stayed with them in their classes today and again tomorrow, Monday they are on their own.  Big day!

I took them for special treats and playground time when they were done.

Saturday, September 4.  Jill headed off to her parents house with the kids this morning and Ben and I stayed back to top dress and seed the back yard.  We got to the store for a yard of compost and had to wait about 45 minutes for the guy to return from a delivery and for our clerk to find his keys, so we went for a coffee while we waited.  

While Ben mowed the grass and shoved and spread compost, I got started on prepping the soil and planting some sedum cuttings that Lois brought us.  I also pruned a scruffy looking shrub that was overgrown, then helped Ben to rake in the compost.  By the time we finished, we were both stiff and sore, took showers and headed out to meet up with the family for a yummy dinner, adult beverage,  and a nice visit.  The kids all fell asleep in the car on the way home, bedtime was a cinch.