Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5 - 11, 2016, MN

Tuesday, September 7.  Yesterday was family photo day, so I had the morning to myself.  Getting prepped for this event was pretty crazy, as they all wanted their pretty new dresses on but weren't allowed until all of the morning tasks were out of the way: potty, tooth and hair brushing, breakfast, hands/face washed - then, pretty new dresses.  The twins were whining and crying, then Norah fell down the last 4 or 5 steps and cried some more, she was ok though, no big injuries.

I filled out 3 applications for subsidized apartments that have long waiting lists (20-24 months), headed out to mail them but then decided to drop them off myself next week.

The weather reports are calling for possible torrential rains, flooding, high winds, and maybe even some hail.  Since Kevin, the neighbor offered me a spot to store my trailer on his lot across the alley, we took him up on it and got the trailer moved and the family van in the garage and Jill's car just outside.  It's a perfect arrangement, I don't know why we didn't take advantage from the day I got here.

Today was the first day of the new school routine and after I walked Charlotte to school this morning, I headed out for some more apartment research, including dropping off the apps that I had ready and taking another look at those places. Either would fit my needs well.  I also drove out to Savage to check out the single story cottage apartments, Villas by Mary T, and learned that they are way to far away (25 minute drive without traffic) and out of my price range by about $300 a month.  It's too bad, because I find that type of living arrangement to be very attractive.  I checked out 1 more apartment complex in Minnetonka, but again, it's a bit far and the manager wasn't around to talk to, so I think I will nix that place.

I stopped at a produce stand for a yummy peach and added some popcorn to it for my lunch, I couldn't find anything but fast food restaurants in the area.  A little bit of shopping topped my day off, then I headed back home.

Ben was training the new Nanny, Maria, so I got busy with dinner prep. I fixed pork tenderloin, Cuban beans and rice, and dilled carrots for dinner and it was well received.

Sunday, September 11.  A day to remember for sure, a day when America lost so many in the attacks on the twin towers in NYC.  For Mike and I, it was also a day of horror as we waited to hear that Ben was safe and back in the US from his trip to Japan. Many calls were made to the airlines and local officials and then his flight was allowed to land in San Franciso, right where he was supposed to be.  The people on the plane knew nothing until after they landed and could talk with loved ones on the phone again.

Ben and I went to Costco this morning and loaded up on groceries that should last a while. We also got him on my account.

The week went well, although Ben got a text from the new nanny on Tuesday saying that she thought the job was way more than spwhat she could handle.  Come on - you don't even give it more than a half-day?  I can't believe the work ethic of the younger generations - I never would have done something like that.

I did some exploring and found another apartment complex nearby to check out.  It was a pretty rainy day and we had some good thunderstorms during the night.  I was mostly in charge of the kids on the days that Charlotte finished school at 12:30 and for a short time after naps until Ben and Jill finished work.  Charlotte will start full days until 3:30 next week and the twins schedule will stay the same for the next few weeks. Ben and Jill have worked it out with their work schedules so that no nanny is needed.  I think that a regular schedule will be nice.

I made a reservation at Lebanon Hills Campground for Charlotte and I next weekend, as she asked me to take her camping one more time.  The timing is good because Ben will be in SF for work and Jill will have one less child to keep track of on Friday night and Saturday morning.  It is nice to have them on their own too - a third wheel really does cause problems some times, but for the most part, they get along and play well together.  Some of their antics just crack me up and their imaginations are so lively and vivid.  

I got a Jill haircut this afternoon and I can't believe the difference in the style and quality that she does. She also cut and colored her Mom's hair, then Lois helped her to color her own, and then Charlotte got a haircut too - so much for having a Sunday afternoon off.

Ben fixed a delicious Mexican dinner that everyone raved about - marinade flank steak tacos, guacamole, rice and beans and then we topped it off with homemade margaritas by Jill.   Mmmmmm! Little Norah ate 3-4 servings of rice and 3 meat tacos.  She looked at me and said, "I like meat"!  What a cutie!

And now I have finished the dinner cleanup, walked the dogs while the kids are being put to bed and I'm done for the night and ready to close up on this week.