Friday, February 3, 2017

February 1 - 5, 2017, AZ

Thursday, February 2.  The weather here has been perfect, cool nights down in the 45-50 degree range and warming up to mid-70s during the day and I am loving it.

I pruned the giant Prickly Pear in my back yard and filled the trash can up but still have more  to go in it after it is emptied.  

I got my new phone yesterday and the transfer from AT&T went smoothly. My phone has been acting strange for a long time now and I finally got around to upgrading, and I had been considering switching to Verizon because many times I have been in remote areas, I have had no signal, but someone else has plenty of signal and they had Verizon. Within a half hour, my phone was set up exactly like the old one with all of my settings, photos, and apps already on it.  Amazing!  I switched from AT&T to Credo Mobile, which uses the Verizon signal. Credo is an organization that donates a portion of their revenue to progressive, nonprofit groups working on key issues such as women’s rights, the environment, peace and social justice. Members vote on where the donations should go.  I feel good about my decisions, now I hope I'm not disappointed.

I had dinner tonight for Pat and Roger and my old friends, Jim and Sue who just arrived at Val Vista Village and will be staying through March.  I'm looking forward to doing fun things together and we're already planning a few events.  It was a great night.

Sunday, February 5.  The courtyard at Val Vista Village was a great place to hang out on Friday afternoon and I got to see Harry Mathews twice in a week - he was the entertainer that we saw on Tuesday night and just happened to be scheduled to perform at VVV.  After getting a haircut, I met Pat, Rog, Jim, and Sue there, danced a few with Pat, had a drink and then we headed out to What The Hell bar for fish fry. Once again, I wasn't too thrilled with it (the batter was tough, even hard to cut through it), but everyone else liked it.  Regardless, it was a fun evening.

Yesterday was a stay at home day, except for a short drive to the car wash, and I loved it.  I did do some cleanup in Arlene's yard - she doesn't even see the mess that her tree makes when it drops these huge black pods on the ground. So I cleaned those up, deadheaded some of her flowers, pruned the roses, and cleaned up some weeds - my good deed for the day.

This morning, I picked up the Wisconsin friends around 8:30 and we headed out to the Lower Salt River on Bush Highway to hike the trail along the river near Blue Point.  The hike isn't too long but it is one of my favorites - the last hike I did with Mike before he passed away.  It was a beautiful morning to be out in nature.  On our way back home, we spotted several horses - a great topper for the day.

Back home, I got busy putting a coat of wax on my car - it was really in need.  The repair on the bumper is pretty invisible now that I was able to buff out some of the scratches.  After 2 hours, I am feeling drained.