Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 30 - 31, 2017, AZ

Tuesday, January 31.  Wow! We are through January already. Those in the northern states will certainly be pushing spring, as I did all those years that I lived up there.  I see the countdown on Facebook pretty frequently.

Most of Monday was spent right at home where I wanted to be.  Our weather has turned and the days are getting up in the mid-upper 70s and I'm loving it.  The swing in the back yard got cleaned and the lounge chair was dragged out to a sunny spot to relax under the trees and watch the many birds coming for a drink of water in the birdbath.  At one time, I counted 6 Peach-faced lovebirds chattering away in the treetops or on the TV antenna.  Did I already say that I love it?

I worked this morning and then took my car to Costco to have the tires rotated - a free service that they offer when the tires are purchased from them.  I enjoyed my house and yard in the afternoon.

This evening, Kathy, Jan, Connie, Patty, and I went to Grandview Steakhouse to enjoy and evening of dancing to the music of Harry Mathews, a lively entertainer who sings and plays guitar, keyboards, and sax to line dancing and good old rock and roll dance tunes.  Didn't sit too many out and had a fun evening.