Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 1 - 7, 2017, MN

Tuesday, May 2. There was a quirk in the plan at U-Haul on Monday when I went to pick up the UBOX for unloading - it was not at the location where I was told it would be and it wasn't available for pickup that day at the other location either. I was able to reschedule the crew for unloading until today, so I  proceeded to clean the apartment - not that it really needed it, but I like to start fresh with my own dirt.  It was probably a good thing that the move didn't take place Monday, as the weather was crappy - cold and rainy and maybe even a bit of snow flurry activity.

I picked up the UBOX this morning and it's a good thing that I checked to make sure it was mine, because they had it on the trailer with the door facing the tongue and my car - that would have made for some difficult unloading. A fork lift operator had to switch it around and I was off - through the busy streets and freeways of Minneapolis.  The crew showed up on time, unloaded it and I took it back this afternoon.  Thank God I don't have to do that for a while - next time, it will be movers, but not me.  Now I'm sitting here with way more stuff than I have room for. I'll figure it out.

Thursday, May 4.  May the 4th Be With You!  I'm sitting here listening to the piano lessons going on upstairs. It is not unpleasant at all. This place does have some strange sounds going on - like a sump pump turning on and off (I'm already starting to block that out) and the sound of water running through a pipe right in my living room - it must be from the pump?

I still don't have the TV hooked up, haven't figured it out yet - kind of waiting for Ben to get over here. The pile of stuff to go to his house keeps growing and there are many family items that he might want, since he was in SF when we liquidated Mike's parents stuff and our home when we downsized. I have learned that I've kept way too many things that I will never have room for in my next apartment - the senior apartment that is only about 550 square feet. And here I've thought that I had kept it pretty simple.

And then there are things that I can't find.  What did I do with the Flea and Tick prevention for Frisco? I must have left it in the camper? I do have to get over there and get that thing cleaned up from the 1,800 mile road trip.  And where are all of my cool refrigerator magnets? And my printer paper?

The landlady seems ok. She definitely has some cool plants in her garden. The back yard is all garden and paved patio. She had a nice lattice fence built last fall and has a plan for a nice walkway.  I can visualize it looking pretty good at some time, but right now it is kind of messy.  It is still early spring here and plants are just starting to come up.  Many haven't even leafed out yet.

Frisco and I have been walking the neighborhood and getting to know our way around.  The grade school that Charlotte will attend in the fall is only 2 blocks to the east of me.  There are many playgrounds within just a few blocks.  Across the street is a huge woods that borders a small lake and has paths going through it - they connect with a huge park with playground and ball diamond, and grassy, open space.

I spotted this huge gorilla metal sculpture in a yard today, just a few blocks from my house.

Trader Joe's and Target are not far away - I managed to spend lots of money there yesterday, no surprises though.  I'm feeling good about this - just physically beat up from the work.  Right now, it's sipping on wine and writing.

Sunday, May 7. Back on Friday, I found the nearby hardware store and Costco - a double rum, since I got things on Ben and Jills list too.  When I dropped off the stuff at Ben's, he was just getting ready to go pick Norah up from school, as she was suspected of having conjunctivitis (pink eye) and had to be taken to the doctor-leaving the with a dilemma on after school pickup for Charlotte and Camille.  He had Charlotte covered so I agreed to get Camille. Grandma Rose to the rescue! Just one of the ways that I was hoping to be able to help out while I am here.

I invited them over for dinner on Saturday and when they got here, they were so appreciative and we had a great evening.  The kids have grown up just enough that they don't have to be watched constantly so we were able to actually have some good conversation.  Norah and Camille got a little carried away and spilled my water bottle (I left it on the nightstand) on the bed, so I had to put all of the bedding in the dryer before I went to bed. All in all, it was a fun night and I was also able to get rid of a few things that I hauled with me for Ben.

And today, after a nice, relaxing morning, I headed over to pick CC up to go to IKEA to look for curtains for my living/dining room. Ben said that the first three no she said this morning was if she could have a play date with me today.  It melts my heart! She is a GREAT shopper- stayed close to me, looked at things but not all grabby and touchy, enthusiastic about things that she thought would look great in my apartment, not begging for goodies and she lasted an hour and a half. Before stopping at a playground for a while, we stopped and had a quesadilla at a little taqueria.

My reward after moving rocks.

I was also impressed when she knew that we were close to Wood Lake Trails and on the road that went to the zoo and where we camped last year.

When we got back to their house, the project for the day was going on. Jill and her Mom had been busy all afternoon removing the salmon colored rocks from the landscaping on the front of the house. Jill had been wanting to get that done for 2 years but she had helpers today and we got it done.  I think there will be some tired joints But tonight, but the improvement is noticeable before the mulch is even down.