Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 29 - 31, 2017, MN

Tuesday, May 30.  Lois was babysitting for Ben and Jill today, so I offered to go along with her to take Norah and Camille to the zoo.  Charlotte was invited but preferred to go to school to be with her friends.  That might be a good thing because we had a hard enough time keeping up with the 2 of them.  On the ride to the zoo, I was asking Norah if she remembered going there with me last summer and seeing the dinosaurs. Camille piped up and said that dinosaurs are extinct, so I had to clarify and tell her that they were models of dinosaurs.  They surprise me with their knowledge and ability to express it these days.  It was a good time until they got all crazy and running around after lunch - that period when they are tired, but don't want to settle in.

I kind of felt under the weather the last 2 days, sinuses, allergies, or a cold coming on.  Yesterday was a cold and windy day, perfect for hanging out at home and getting ready for my upcoming road trip to Memphis and Nashville with Sharon.  I did laundry, started packing and getting organized.  Frisco got a bath and I attempted to trim his nails - got the front ones done but couldn't get near the back. I'll have to start taking him to a clinic for his nail grooming - don't know what came over him because he used to let me do it.