Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 15 - 21, 2017, MN

KWednesday, May 17. Happy Syttende Mai to all my Stoughton friends, whether you are Norwegian or, as I describe myself after living there for so many years, Norwegian-by-proxy.  I have many fond and some not-so fond (too much beer consumed) memories of this celebration through the years. 

I met Lois at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on Monday morning and it just happened to be a free admission day. We did the 3-mile circle tour and enjoyed every minute of it, including getting lost in the maze.  We both agreed that we need to take the kids there one of these days - it would be a good adventure for us all.

I toured another senior apartment complex this week, Summit Place in Eden Prairie and i found it to be very nice, but a little farther than I would want to be from Ben's house, a bigger complex than I would like, and on the high end of my budget. So I think I will keep my plan as it is and wait for an opening in one of the 3 complexes that I have already applied, been approved and am just waiting for a unit to open up.

This afternoon, I went to Ben's, picked Charlotte up from school, had dinner with them and then got a haircut from Jill.  It was nice to have some one-on-one time with her and we went over our summer calendars to make sure they have coverage for the kids during school closings and to come up with some possible dates that I can go camping with the kids.

They played together so nicely - for a while. 😏

When I got back home, I heard the sound of running water going through pipes, but couldn't find any flooding in the apartment.  I called the landlady and learned that there are not 1 but 2 submersible pumps that are directing rain water away from the house.  They are doing their jobs, but I have the background sound of running water and the pumps turning on and off regularly.  Earlier in the evening, I had received several flash flood warnings from my weather app and we have had many bursts of heavy rain this evening.  So...I have the sound of running water in my apartment - it didn't bother me through the night because I could close some doors so it couldn't be heard in my bedroom, but sitting in the living room, the sound is constant.  I hope things dry out here before too long.

Saturday, May 20.  I'm tired of the rain. It all started on Wednesday and hasn't stopped except for a few brief breaks. An this morning, the temps dropped into the mid-30s. And the submersible pump continues to go off and on and the sound of running water continues.

Pat and Roger got here yesterday afternoon, as they were coming to the area for a relative's memorial service this afternoon.  We took the dogs for a nice walk and then went over to Ben's house, then picked Charlotte up after school and hung out with them and had dinner together.  They hadn't seen the family for 3 years and once the kids got over being shy, they had a lot of fun together. 

When Pat and Rog got back from their family commitment, we went to Burger Jones for a delicious burger and a Farm Girl beer from a nearby Stillwater, MN brewery, a nice place in a short distance from my house.

Sunday, May 21.  We were up bright and early this morning. Pat and Rog headed back to WI and I headed went to Ben's house to go to Lake Phalen to do the MN Brain Tumor Walk in memory of Casey and in honor of my dear friend, Chuck who has been undergoing treatment for the last year.  Our team raised $562.00 ($250 were donations from my friends and family). 

The rain has slowed to a mist and it looked like it would be with us the entire time.  When we arrived and got registered, we were on the route around the lake, our team was one of the last to take off and we were definitely one of the slowest and last to cross the finish line.  Charlotte walked the entire distance and Camille and Norah needed a little help but were quite the troopers and did most of it themselves.  We crossed the finish line at 1 hour and 32 minutes and were thankful that the cheerleaders were still there to welcome us.