Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 17 - 23, 2017, MN

Wednesday, July 19.  Whew! It is whizzing right by.  I had my much needed and much grateful for dental hygiene appointment on Monday - I LOVE how my teeth feel after a good cleaning.  I am now a patient at The Herzing College Dental Hygeine clinic - an experience much like those that I've had in Mesa at Carrington College.  The procedures are so thorough and all of the hygienists have been so nice.  Unfortunately, I won't be seeing Lorie again as she will graduate next month.

I spent a good part of Tuesday and Wednesday with Camille and Norah - couldn't go to school because of fevers and after getting check by the doctor today, learned that they have summer colds and not anything worse than that.  They've been good in spite of feeling lousy.  Each day, they have wanted to take a ride in black double stroller and that worked out just fine - it gave them what they wanted and me a bit of a workout.

I went to Linden Hills Park last night and watched Charlotte in Soccer practice. - those little ones sure are cute! She's loving it.

This was taken just before Camille fell and scraped her knee - we had to go back home and treat it with 2 bandaids.

This afternoon, I met Craig and Diane - former coworkers in Madison and fellow Mesa residents.  They are visiting their son and daughter here so we met at the Tavern on France for a cocktail and a nice chat.  It felt good to hang out with friends!

Friday, July 21.  Today was my day with Charlotte but I thought it might be nice to have her spend the night last night and it did turn out to be a fun time, except that she wasn't interested in any of the dinner I made for her. Something has really changed because I made the exact same dinner for her last year when we went camping and she devoured it. It turns out that a PB and J was just what she wanted, not shrimp, rice, and broccoli. Imagine that.

We slept in until Eight this morning and had a relaxing start to the day.  She wanted to do cutouts, so I got out all of the art supplies that I had and she proceeded to cut out three birds, her own design and they were really cute.  So, between the two of us, we made about a dozen, followed by a tall tree, nests, and shrubs.  And then it was imaginary stories about birdie adventures. She is quite the kid.

Frisco had to be walked, so we crossed France and went to Weber Park where she had fun playing at the playground and Frisco was able to take care of business and I got my walk in.  Back at home, we added more to the bowl of raspberries that we picked yesterday. She was determined to get every ripe raspberry off those bushes and I think we might have managed that. Her goal was to get lots so she could take them home to her sisters.  That was from the sweet, big sister part of her-the 98.8% of her.

I was expecting a call from my sister, Rita and when it came in, we went to the Sheraton to meet up with them.  They had a family commitment on Denny’s side, so we barely had time to scarf down some lunch and had to head out.  I will see them again, briefly n Sunday morning before they head back to KC.

When I took Charlotte home, I was invited to have a beer and some dinner, so it turned out to be a very nice evening, with an opportunity to chat with both Jill and Ben.

Saturday, July 22. I got myself moving quickly this morning, took Frisco for a walk, and then drove to River Falls, WI to visit with my niece, Stella, Josh, and Barley who are here for a family reunion on her Dad’s side of their family.  We headed for Hoffman Park so their dogs could get some exercise and we could hang out for a while.  I need to remember that there is a nice, small RV park adjacent to the playground and it might be a good place to visit some day (only an hour’s drive from y apartment). It was good to see these guys and I had a nice time and River Falls is a cute little town.  

Stella, Barley, Josh and Ginger and Levi

When I left there, I checked out Kinnikinnic State Park on the shores of the St. Croix River - a beautiful drive to get there, a beautiful park, but no campground.

Sunday, June 23.  Rita, Denny, Aaron, and Olivia joined me and the family at Ben’s house this morning.  They are heading back to KC but wanted to see the family and their home before they headed out.  We had a nice visit and the kids all had fun playing together and showing off their rooms and stuff.

I left right after they did and went home for a quiet afternoon and evening.  After sitting around for a while, I got bored and headed out to the back yard for some garden therapy.  As I was pulling weeds, Elizabeth came out to join me and together we made a lot of progress.  She has some really gorgeous plants and they deserve to be uncovered.  It looks so much nicer now!