Sunday, November 26, 2017

November 20 - 26, 2017, AZ

Saturday, November 25.  Happy Birthday to my daughter-in-law, Tracey!  I had a nice conversation with her this morning.  Unfortunately, she is still suffering from migraines that never let up.

Backtracking on the week - there isn't much to say.  We went to Sharkey's Tacos and Tequila Tuesday night with Pat and Roger.  I had conversations with all of my siblings during the week, wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving.

Yesterday, we drove back to AJ to check out 6 Tricon RV Parks - all under new management and their ads said "recently remodeled", so we wanted to see what they had to offer.  One of the 6 could meet our requirements, but now we know.  They are all old parks, mostly park models crammed into small spaces, with few RV sites scattered here and there, most have updated clubhouses and pools - probably a work in progress.  We have had a lot of discussion lately about selling his mobile home and where to stay after that happens.

Thanksgiving started with phone conversations with both of my sons and FaceTime with the grandkids back in Minnesota.  Tom and I made a huge batch of mashed potatoes for dinner at his son, Chaney's house.  I got to meet his daughter, Trina, too.  Dinner was delicious - Chaney deep fried the turkey, and it was moist and tender.  Another guest, Sue, brought an English Trifle for dessert that was delicious!  It was a beautiful day d temperatures hit all-time highs in many areas - I think it was almost 90 degrees.

Back row:  Tom's ex-wife Kathy, their son Chaney, his wife Melissa, Me, Tom, Melissa's sons and their friends.

Middle row: Friends of Chaney and Melissa

Front row: Kathy's husband John, Tom's grandsons Lakin, Hunter, Colton, and his daughter Trina.