Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 1 - 6, 2018, AZ

Thursday, May 3.  Other than my last home use-cleaning job for Karen this week, we have been busy getting things ready for moving out of Tom's house and into the trailer - the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  There are many 'undecideds' in our future right now and we're hoping that our summer travels helps us to make some decisions.

We met up with Chris and Norm and Gerry and Jeanie for taco Tuesday at Sharkey's. I hadn't seen Gerry and Jeannie for at least a year and for Tom, it has been 4 years (he didn't remember them from a camping trip to Usery Park).  We had a nice visit and talked about how busy we all are during the winter that we don't manage to get together more than just after we get here in the fall and again, just before we leave.

    I pruned Connie's Bougainville for her.

    A pretty surprise on one of our walks.

    The Saguaro are full of blooms this year.

Saturday, May 5. The days have been full. Tom signed the papers and turned over the titles for the mobile on Friday morning.  Yeah, the buyer showed up at our door at 8:45 when he was supposed to be meeting Tom at the office at 9:30. We had just gotten up and we're getting ready for the day when he showed up. Tom wasn't too happy about it but politely told him that he would see him at the office at 9:30 and we went on with our morning routine.  

When that was all done, he headed over to the RV lot and hooked up the trailer and we spent the afternoon organizing, loading, and sanitizing the water tanks.

We joined our friends from Highlands at the clubhouse for TGIF happy hour and a tasty roast beef dinner.  Fred and Mary did a great job and the side dishes were yummy, as usual.  Arlene had us over for cake after dinner and Sharla, Tom, and Jolee joined us.  She has told us several times that we just can't go and tonight she threatened to slash our tires so we couldn't leave.  She is so sweet, I know that we will be missed and I sure will be missing her too.  Many times I have said that I wish I would have known her in her younger days, as she just had to be a lot of fun to be around - at 86 years old, she is still a spitfire.

The Desert Thrift Shop truck was scheduled to pick up the last of the furniture and miscellaneous items this afternoon, but as I was heading out to walk Frisco this morning, the truck was heading to our house.  What is it with people these days - they just show up and expect you to jump?  Tom sent them off because we weren't ready for them - we still had things to dismantle and get out to the patio. Unbelievable.

So we spent the day loading the trailer, hauling stuff to the recycle bins, and getting donation items loaded onto the patio for pickup (they never did show up, so it will be sitting there until they do).  

This afternoon, we took a few things to Chaney's house and then went to CK's Grill for a bite to eat and for a last visit with him. Melissa and Lakin had other things going on, so we're unable to join us.  We had a nice chat, a good dinner, and then said farewell until we meet up again in the fall.