Monday, May 28, 2018

May 29 - 31, 2018, MN

Monday, May 28. Happy Memorial Day, an opportunity to spend the weekend with my son and his family, a flurry of activity as expected for those in the working world.  For me, a bit more activity than wha I'm used - not to say that I don't appreciate being pushed or encouraged to be a bit more active than usual.

In conversations with Tom, he has gotten in some good walks and is busy visiting with friends.  I feel pretty bad that I walked out on him and also that we are not experiencing these things together.  Perhaps the time and space apart will make things better when we do join up again in late June.

Yesterday was kind of low key but today, Jill had plans for a bike ride with Camille and Norah this morning, so Ben and I did some prep work for tonight's dinner and then we walked around the lake with Charlotte and had a stop at South Beach for a swim and another for a snack at the bandshell.

Ben grilled baby back ribs, Jill made potato salad, and I made cucumber salad - a yummy summertime dinner menu.  The kids had fun playing in the pool in the back yard and riding bikes.

Thursday, May 31.  This week with the family has been busy, for sure.  I've been walking to school and bus and picking kids up after school, feeding snacks, biking, playing, and all of those other things that come with grandkids.  I've also run errands, grocery shopping, gotten my bike out of storage, looked into some housing options, helped with household chores, groomed Frisco, and managed to stay busy.  Naturally, once the kids are down for the night, I get a short dog walk in and am ready for bed.  There's not a lot of time for adult conversation but once in a while - play is cooperative and quiet - much more than when they were younger.

I got to see the girls in their dance performances on Tuesday night - so darn cute.  Camille is really getting into it, Norah had some darling moves, and Charlotte might have preferred to do something different.

Tom and I will be meeting up in Stoughton next month (as we had originally planned to spend some time there), and he is still exploring Texas and then working his way north.