Thursday, December 13, 2018

December 10 - 16, 2018, AZ

Wednesday, December 12.  After my cleaning job yesterday, I stopped at Costco and bought my own Christmas gift, a new iPad - the 9.7”, 128 gig version. I have been considering it for months and finally talked myself into it, as my old one is at the peak of its capacity (16 gigs) and I have had to take off photos and apps all of the time to keep it going. One of the first things I learned is that this blogging app is no longer supported by Google on the latest versions of Mac’s ios. But I found a way, just go back to the old days before there were apps.

Friday, December 14.  We ran errands and finished up our Christmas shopping today, mostly gift cards, wrap and a timer for the lights around our RV. Many of the lots in the park are decorated to the hilt.

We met Pat and Roger at What the Hell, a bar in east Mesa, for fish fry.  The food was pretty good, but my usual cocktail, a Vodka Tonic was served in a tall glass rather than a tub, and it tasted a lot more like tonic than vodka. After that, we went to the Gilbert Riparian and walked through the natural areas where the walkways were all lit up with luminaries and there were lots of lighted Christmas figures and music along the way.  It was definitely geared for the kids, but we enjoyed it.  

We decided to head into downtown Mesa to check out the lights at the Mormon Temple but there were none.  And then I remembered that a brand new temple was built in Gilbert a few years back and that must be where the lights are.  Another contributing factor is that downtown Mesa is all under construction, as they are extending the light rail lines farther to the east. So...we took a long ride and didn’t get a Christmas light display as a reward.  

Regardless, it is always good to hang out with good friends.

Sunday, December 16.  Our weekend was pretty busy. On Saturday, I really felt the need to go to some estate sales, so I spent a couple of hours doing that in the morning. They were both great sales, but I walked out empty handed - no room at the inn.

We went to a new home open house for Ron and Mary, friends and former coworkers of Tom’s.  It was a small group of folks and I met Holli and Zach for the first time, nice folks. We had good eats and lots of good conversation and laughs.

We met up with Ron, Linda, and Manual for breakfast on Sunday morning, another good time.  

Back home, it was a relaxing afternoon and I was able to finish my crochet projects for the girls, leg warmers in their favorite colors.

I made a tasty dish for dinner, a sausage and shrimp dish with zucchini, onions, and peppers.
I spotted this tree on my walk around the park today.