Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019, AZ

Tom and I went shopping this morning to return the poster that we bought for the trailer yesterday because it didn’t fit. After looking and looking, we both focused on this one wall sculpture, liked it, and bought it. It looks great in the space and goes well with the upholstery and wood in the trailer.

Geri  and Joyce came over in the afternoon and we sat around talking for a while, had a snack, then decided to head out to Goldfield Ghost Town.  It was fun walking around there, checking out the views and the old buildings, and did some shopping too.  I bought a couple of things at the Apothecary Shop - a salve to relieve sinus headache pressure and one for joint pain.  I thought the shop smelled yummy but it was overpowering for Tom, so he waited outside for us.

Rancho de Tia Rosa was our choice for dinner and it was a very good choice.  Tom and I both ordered the low carb entree and were served a huge platter of marinated beef (it had to be a pound), grilled peppers and onion, and half a head of lettuce (to replace the tortillas).  It was yummy but I brought a lot of it home.

This morning, we took them out to the Saguaro Lake Marina for breakfast and the views, food, and conversation were great.  We did get a glimpse of some of the wild horses off in the distance on the drive out.

 When we got back from breakfast, us girls headed out to do some consignment shop shopping and Tom stayed back at the trailer to check out the leveling jacks that arrived by FedEx yesterday.

First on the list was Sweet Repeats where I bought a Coach wallet for $10.50 and Joyce and Geri also made some purchases.  Our next stop was at my favorite citrus shop so Joyce could load up on oranges, grapefruit and lemons, although their lemons were very small, so a phone call to my friend Carmen (I knew that she was trying to peddle lemons), resulted in an invitation to come to her house and pick as many as we wanted.  We moved on to Turnstyle where I found a pair of warm boots for my upcoming trip to Minneapolis and Joyce found some things but Geri left empty handed.  Just a few miles north, at Highlands, we picked all of the lemons that Joyce wanted to carry with her back to Colorado. And then we came back to our park, said our goodbyes and they both left - Geri to go back home to Blythe and Joyce to her hotel and will leave again early on the morning.

We sure did have a good time and it was so nice to see the Kell siblings together.