Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday, January 15, 2019, AZ

It has been a fun week so far and I’m expecting it to continue.  Back on Monday afternoon, we went to Val Vista Village and met up with Pat and Roger and some of their friends in the Courtyard to listen and dance to Dakota Kid.  Connie and Lois from Highlands joined us and we had lots of fun telling stories, joking around, having cocktails, and doing some line dancing too.

Yesterday after my housecleaning job, I went to Costco to gas up my car ($2.39/gallon) and get a few groceries.  Tom and I have been reducing the carbs in our diets and have been eating a lot of avocados (good fats). Costco has 6 large Hass avocados for $5 and it just can’t be beat anywhere else.

Our park had an entertainer, “Ron E Cash” and a huge spread of food and free beer before the show.  We heard several Johnny Cash tunes and then a woman joined him on stage and sang some beautiful harmony on lots of old country standards and they entertained us for 3 very enjoyable hours of music.   My only complaint is that the dances were 2-steps and couples only tunes and since Tom doesn’t know how, I didn’t get to dance - well, we did dance a couple of slow ones.  And I love to dance! I will have to see what I can do about that.

Back when we lived at Highlands, the entertainers were more rounded, playing a wide variety of music that everyone could dance to, even if you weren’t the best dancer. All was accepted, and especially women dancing on their own. Many times, the women would get things rolling and we would have men and couples join in. As the liquor flowed and the men got happy feet, the dance floor would fill up and it was always so much fun!

We took my car for an oil change this morning and went to kill time by browsing the aisles at Hobby Lobby. We bought a poster to hang on the wall of the trailer (we’ve been looking for just the right thing), but found it was way too big for our space once we got back home. We will just have to go back and choose something else that fits the space better.

Tom’s sister, Joyce came for a visit today and will stick around for a few days and Geri will come in from Blythe tomorrow.  I think it’s great because these siblings are rarely all together and the more I get to know them, the more I like them. We had a nice dinner together and good stories, but Joyce headed back to her hotel early since she had driven here from Yuma this morning after having dental work done in Los Algodones over the last few days - she was tired.