Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019, AZ

I went to a great estate sale yesterday, but walked out of there empty handed once again.  If I had a home to furnish, I would have bought several items - a beautiful, teak wood dining room table and chairs, a really cool wood rocker, and the coffee table and end tables.  There were also many beautiful glass pieces. Many of the items were Asian and not in my preferred style, but very nice.

We did laundry in the afternoon and hung around the house, sitting outdoors and enjoying the warm, almost 70 degree day.

This morning, we walked to the gas station to get a newspaper, the first time in a week that Tom has walked more than just around the park. It felt good.

When we got back home, Tom emptied the black tank and while filling up the gray for a good flush, it filled too quickly and leaked all over the floors, flooding the cabinet under the bathroom sink and running all through the living room, soaking everything in its path.  We stopped it all up with every towel that we had available and ended up with a soggy lump of wet towels.  Tom took it all to the laundry and I cleaned out the cabinet.  What a mess, although it led us to do a good cleaning.

Another first in a week, we went to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner, Lotus Gardens. The reviews were go, so we thought we would give it a shot - there was a line of people waiting to pick up orders and we got the only table for 2 that was available.  The service was good, the dining room was spotless, and food was generous servings and yummy with nice, fresh ingredients.  I will pass on good reviews and not hesitate to eat there again.