Sunday, September 1, 2019

Saturday, August 30, 2019, MN, MI

Back on Wednesday, I went to River Crossing and met with Dianna to sign the lease on the apartment and go over some questions I had and to clarify how things will go on moving day. It took at least an hour, but all is settled.

I then went to Ben’s house and played with the kids a bit, had a nice chat with Ben and Jill and then joined them for another delicious dinner. This time it was rice topped with chopped avocado, scallion, cucumber and salmon and a soy based sauce. I didn’t stick around too long as I wanted to get back before dark and the drive home went quickly.

Tom had been busy while I was gone, he replaced the faucet on the bathroom sink after we discovered a small leak the other day.  It’s a good thing that we had to pull a lot of things out while searching for something and found the floor to be a big wet.

We had a nice walk on Thursday morning, and while Tom ran errands, I packed the rest of my stuff and loaded it in my car.

We had decided earlier to splurge and have a nice steak dinner together, so when Tom got home we went to Von Hansen’s Meat Market and bought a steak and I got some sausage and cheese to take with me to Wisconsin. We also picked up some broccoli and mushrooms to have with it. Dinner turned out to be very nice. We toasted to the good and not so good times that we have had together and for what might come in the future for us. It is sad to be parting but we both have some personal goals to fulfill and will see what that means for us in the future.

I was ready to take off by 8:00 on Friday morning, had a long and sad hug with Tom and took off. I headed for Mass City, MI to visit my old friends, Carol and Richard at their getaway in the UP, about a 6-hour drive.  It was nice to see them again and their friends Tom and Jean joined us for dinner. I learned a lot about the UP lifestyle, much of it revolves around winter activities such as snowmobiling which is what brought Richard to buy the place.

On Saturday morning, we headed out for some sightseeing, drove through Houghton and Hancock, then up to the shore of Lake Superior and the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Museum, stopping along the way to see Jacob’s Falls.

                                 This shows the annual snow levels.

Jacob’s Falls

                                                   Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
The view from the top of the lighthouse.

Our next stop was at the Bear Belly Bar and Grill at Lac LaBelle for lunch. I have definitely been eating way too much food. We stopped on the way home at the Peterson’s Fish Market in Hancock and I bought some of their specialty smoked Lake Superior Whitefish.

With lots of miles behind us, we headed home and relaxed and Carol and I took Frisco for a nice, long walk while Richard puttered around with projects in his garage.