Thursday, June 18, 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I found a cute duplex listed for rent on Craig’s List and we drove by the other day to check it out - a nice neighborhood, well kept yard and has all that we are looking for. Unfortunately, I am now thinking it might be a scam, as I have been unable to get answers to the questions that I’ve asked and it seems strange to me.  After some strange back and forth emails, and some arrangements that we couldn’t agree with, I ended the communications and have heard nothing since. Oh, well.

I spotted this pretty seed head on our walk along Shepard Road this morning,

I spent time with Camille and Norah this afternoon. My intentions were to go to the Rose and perennial gardens near Lake Harriet, with a stop at the beach for a cool down there and back. The girls rode their scooters and were good about following the rules - go ahead to the next bench and wait for me.  When we got to the beach, it was not crowded (still trying to social distance as much as possible), so I let them swim and we ended up staying there the entire time.