Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday, April 2, 2021

It has been quite a week of activity, starting on Wednesday when I spent the first full day, post-COVID vaccine, maskless, with my granddaughters.  The morning started with quite a bit of conflict between the three of them but improved greatly as the day went on.  We worked out, played games, did some Easter crafts, had lunch, and it was fun, yet exhausting.  The Easter craft was to make stained glass eggs with tissue paper sandwiched between layers of clear Contact paper and some that were fluffy. I thought they turned out nice!

I had finished the summer sweater that I was making for Charlotte (on her request) and was able to bring it to her.  She loved it!

Now, Norah and Camille have out in requests too.

Since we can be together again and I and all of them were excited to do sleepovers again, I have had one of them with me for the last three nights, starting with Camille on Wednesday night.  We watched a movie, had popcorn, played games, did Legos, played at the playground, applied makeup to each other and then it was time for the switchers. Norah was next and Grandma is getting more tired.

When I took Norah home this afternoon and Charlotte was ready and raring to go.  Before we got back to my apartment, we stopped at the battery store to get new batteries for the watches that I gave them - ones that I had in my stuff that I won’t ever wear again.

Did I say that Grandma is tired?