Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday, April 3, 2021

We did the switcheroo yesterday afternoon and Charlotte was packed and ready to come to my house. We had pizza for dinner and watched Spy Kids 3 on her request, although she told me after we started it that she had already seen it twice. I’m a bit surprised that she didn’t have the entire script in her memory.

When we went to bed, she was non-stop talking for quite a while and when I reminded her of one of our tickle torture events on a former camping trip, that whole episode was repeated.  It makes me giggle as I write this.

I was happy when she walked out wearing the sweater that I made her this morning.  Her major interests right now is anything related to video or iPad and it was a challenge to keep her interested in one on one activities. We went for a walk this morning after breakfast but there was an Easter egg hunt going on in the park and she didn’t feel comfortable being around that many people - very concerned with distancing, so we went back home. We filled the day with games, nail polishing, modeling clay, the fitness room, a trip to Culver’s for ice cream, and plenty of snacks.

                                    Charlotte’s Bat 

Have I mentioned how exhausted I am?  And how good a glass of wine is tasting right now?  In spite of that, it was soooo worth it to be around those girls again.  The last year of restrictions has been very difficult and I was feeling out of touch as far as their learning and development. I now feel kind of like I was able to catch up and reconnect a bit these last few days.  Their personalities are all so different, but yet there is a lot of a likeness too.