Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021

We managed to get a decent walk in Thursday morning before the rain started and the rain continued all through until Sunday.

I stopped to visit with my cousin Jo in Montello, as she is recovering from some serious surgery to remove cancer in her jawbone and reconstruct it.  All is going well with their recovery but it is going to be a long road for her including six weeks of radiation therapy.  We had a nice visit but I didn’t stay too long and she needs her rest.

From there, I went to Dawn’s and had a couple of hours to chat with her before I went to see Pat and Tracey for a bit. We had short visits on Thursday and Friday evenings and I spent all day with them on Saturday. It was a rainy day, so we mostly just sat and talked, had some dinner, and watched the movie Jumanji.  

Dawn invited Jonnie to join us for dinner on Friday night and made chicken pot pie and wedge salad. She is such a great cook. We had some great conversation with lots of childhood memories and catching up on our families.

I had coffee with Pat this morning before starting my trip back home. I stopped in Portage and visited with my sister-in-law Sharon for a while before the long stretch back to St Paul.  It was a very nice trip and I’m glad that I shortened the number of days as I’m not used to the drive nor the activity. It was a good break-in for an active summer.