Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday, April 18, 2022, MN

Well, the damned white stuff is still coming out of the sky - being persistent but not accumulating on the ground.  There is not a person who I’ve talked with who hasn’t expressed their disappointment in the late spring and the weather we have seen in April. It is just dragging on and on. When I walked Frisco yesterday morning, I looked up into the tree to check for buds and I saw this little guy peek out from his hole. He just watched me from his protected spot for several minutes.  Can you see him?

I made up for lost time with Ben this weekend and it sure felt good to be with him.  I went to their house Friday afternoon and met Norah and Camille at the corner bus stop and got the packed and walked them to Sabine’s house for birthday sleepover. Charlotte and Violet walked back to the house with me. When Ben and Jill were done with work, we ordered pizza from Hello Pizza and had wine and pizza and good conversation together over dinner.  On Saturday, he and I met at the 9-Mile Creek Trailhead and walked while the twins were at gymnastics. And yesterday, we were all together with Jill’s parents at their home for Easter.  

The individual letters spelling out ‘Happy Spring’ were placed in some of the eggs that were hidden outdoors. After hunting for eggs and filling their baskets, they opened the eggs and found the letters, they had to work together to unscramble them and when they did, they got to have the golden egg that was filled with $$$ for each of them.