Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, MN

The weather actually cleared up last Friday, the snow melted and we headed into a five day period of spring-like weather and were able to get some nice walks in.  On Saturday, we drove to the Bloomington Ferry Trailhead and walked the multi-use trail along the Minnesota River and Sunday’s walk was along the southern shore of Lake Harriet, then back to Ben’s house through the Lynnhurst and Fulton neighborhoods. 

We had dinner at Red Cow on Saturday night and that was quite tasty.

I put the bedding and towels that we used in the laundry, vacuumed the dog hair from the floors and after an evening walk, we headed back to my apartment.  When I got the mail, there was a note in there from the mailman, Neil.  He had seen the note that I posted on the bulletin board of the building across the street about house cleaning jobs and he asked if I would be willing to clean his condo for him.  We spoke this evening and I will be starting that job next Tuesday evening (he is working six days a week and evenings work best for him). After the first time, I will see if I can change it to daytime.  

The family had a long day of travel and didn’t get back home until shortly before midnight. Based on the photos and messages that I got from them last week, they had a wonderful time with a mix of relaxation at the house they rented, beach time, whale watching, horseback riding and hanging with their friends from SF. Also, Charlotte got to swim with dolphins and I can’t wait to hear about her experience.

Tom left yesterday on a Sun Country flight that left at 4:00 and got him back to Phoenix at 5:30 his time.  After the trip to the airport, I went straight back home to take a nap, as I have picked up the cold that he had earlier last week.  It is a cold, as I took a Covid test yesterday afternoon just to be sure.  Last night was miserable and I’m hoping that was the worst of it - NOT.  I felt miserable all day and I even nixed the monthly art class but did manage to get a fairly decent walk in before the weather started to change.